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Designer Marcel Dunger Creates Jewelry by Fusing Colorful Bio-Resin to Pieces of Broken Maple Wood

Using two alien materials in a such elegant and effortless way always fascinates me. Smitten

via Colossal

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Faux Taxidermy by Andreas Scheiger

With a very strong echo of Picasso’s  Bull Head, Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger created these simply brilliant faux taxidermy heads made from recycled bicycle handlebars and seats. Some can serve as coat hangers or bicycle holders, some are just fun interior accessory, either way, simple ideas can go a long way. Smitten. 

Check out his website where you can also buy these
Here is how it’s made

vie Colossal

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Beautiful 360 degree books by Yusuke Oono

These creative booklets are the brainchild of  Japanese architect and product designer Yusuke Oono. He uses 40 laser cut panels to create his  fun and clever 3D books that will make even people that are not fun of reading enjoy his magical world. Lovely.

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