Designers Assemble for the Avengers

As the movie Marvel’s the Avengers is on telly right now, I highlighted some designers that really stunned me and turn their world upside down to create pretty interesting concepts and pieces by Mondo Tees and Guy Seese.

by Kevin Tong

by Martin Ansin

by Phantom City Creative


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Most peaceful place

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Superhero Watercolors by Blule

I’m a hopeless sucker when it comes to watercolors, I love absolutely everything about it. These beautiful works by French Illustrator/Designer, Clémentine living in Sydney, Australia, capture the very essence of the characters. Smitten.

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Modern Day Penny Farthing by standard highwheels

“Established in 2013 by swedish architect per-olof kippel, standard highwheels reintroduces the challenge and drama of high-wheel bicycles. the unlikely marriage of man and machine becomes evident on a penny farther, an image lost by the ubiquity of conventional bikes.

The hand-made high-wheel bicycles are direct drive, meaning the cranks and pedals are directly connected to the hub; the front wheel can be enlarged to increase maximum speed – the bigger the wheel, the faster the bike. the frame is constructed out of a single tube that follows the circumference of the front wheel, diverting to a trailing rear wheel. all parts and components have been carefully designed; the bike features a high quality stainless steel handlebar, a classic leather saddle and polished hub and pedals. they come in two sizes – 48 and 52 inches – and can be slightly adjusted by changing the crank arm length.”

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Unbelievable Bus Shelter

On London’s busy New Oxford Street unsuspecting commuters had the wait of their lives at the bus stop. To give people “an unbelievable moment in their day”, the ingenious team of Pepsi Max and AMV BBDO transformed a bus stop by positioning a camera so it shows real time image of the other side of the display…and added their little twist to the images…

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J&B Limited Tattooed Edition Packaging

J&B Rare scotch blend whisky was born in London second part of XIX st century from famous wine and spirits merchant Justerini & Brooks  willing to create its own house whisky. It is exactly at the same period that tattoo started to spread through London, after the trend coming from Royal Navy sailors used to come back from distant travels sporting tattoo, finally reached British upper class when Prince Bertie (later Edward VII) was first tattooed in 1862 before to spread over all Great Britain and Europe…

As a celebration of this origin J&B decided to tattoo 25 bottles for real.

“First thing, we fully covered bottles with a latex skin, like the one used to practice tattoo, slim enough to respect bottle shape and strong enough to be hit many times my tattooer’s needles… We decided to color skins with a human skin color to strengthen the tattoo perception and create something intriguing…

Then we asked Sébastien Mathieu (SM Bousille), owner of Le Sphinx a private tattoo room in Paris, to support us in this adventure. Excited by the challenge he immediately accepted… with only a partial idea of how complex it would be… Actually he spent around 20 hours to tattoo each bottle.

Each of the 25 bottle is tattooed from a single design but intrinsically, each bottle is unique.” ”

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