Fantasy Dolls by Santini

Santini, a 23-year-old girl from Moscow, Russia, creates these ultra-realistic fantasy animal dolls. The creatures are a mix of creepy, cute and amazing. The creatures are made using different types of materials like fimo, cernit, sculpey, sonet and fabric fur.

The artist has completely mastered the power of cute. It’s amazing how incredibly detailed they are. Soon there will be an Etsy store where you’ll be able to order any of these, in the meantime you can contact the artist directly and request one of her creations.

UPDATE: You can see her whole collection of work here

via The Meta Picture

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11 thoughts on “Fantasy Dolls by Santini

  1. Emilee Cox-DeBoer says:

    How do I contact her? What is her whole name so I can find her myself?

  2. savi says:


  3. jennefer says:

    how can i buy one?

  4. dakota says:

    How much are they?

  5. Joe says:

    You should sell them on etsy

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